Episode 10: Cutovers

Ep10We’ve returned from our hiatus to discuss Cutovers along with the subpoena of an Amazon Echo, free music vs net neutrality, and false alarm Facebook alerts.
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Episode 8: Mentorship

Ep8In this episode we dive into the pros, cons, do’s, and don’ts of mentorship; after we discuss Microsoft paying for forcing upgrades to Win10, Google’s new internet speed test, and Gartner’s self fulfilling prophecy.
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Episode 7: Windows Server 2016


Guest Juan Cruz joins us to talk about the new features of Windows Server 2016 and why we’re still waiting for it; all after we discuss the LinkedIN buy, Google Fiberless, and Chef’s new “Habitat”.
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Episode 6: Change Management


The team is back to talk about the love/hate relationship with Change Management after we discuss Amazon’s new discovery service, an update on the 2012 LinkenIN hack, and how virtualization is over the hill.

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Episode 5: Troubleshooting


The trio is back to talk about troubleshooting, how much fun it can be, and how to approach it, but first they share their widely respected opinions *scoff* about the ‘Race for the Container Space’, using DNA as your tier-4 storage media, and the promise of autonomous taxis.

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Episode 4: Small Shop Design Part 2

Episode004John, Derek, Mike, and Steven are back to finish up the topic of Small shop design, but only after they review the weekly news: Goodbye Yahoo ;(, hello Openstack alternate to vBlock, and Google apparently fails at config automation.
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Episode 3: Small Shop Design Part 1

Episode003In this episode, we bring in guest Steven Sedory to talk with us about network design elements and what options work best in small business scenarios.
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