Episode 7: Windows Server 2016


Guest Juan Cruz joins us to talk about the new features of Windows Server 2016 and why we’re still waiting for it; all after we discuss the LinkedIN buy, Google Fiberless, and Chef’s new “Habitat”.

Newsy News

Microsoft announces acquisition of LinkedIN

Are you ready for Google Fiberless?

Chef announces “Habitat”: A wrapper to automate and mobilize applications?

Topic: Windows Server 2016

  • Why is the GA release so late?
  • Federation with non-AD identity management systems
  • GUI is an install-able feature
  • What are Storage Replicas?
  • Faster reboots with “Soft Restart”?
  • Automate your network with Network Controller?
  • Hyper-V Features
    • Nano Server (SWEET!)
    • Shielded VMs
    • Hot change memory and NICs on VMs
    • Storage Resiliency

Other Links

A closer look at Shielded VMs (video)

Plan a Software Defined Network Infrastructure (Network Controller) (Technet article)

Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016 #10: Nano Server (video)

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