Episode 8: Mentorship

Ep8In this episode we dive into the pros, cons, do’s, and don’ts of mentorship; after we discuss Microsoft paying for forcing upgrades to Win10, Google’s new internet speed test, and Gartner’s self fulfilling prophecy.

Newsy News

Microsoft loses lawsuit over unwanted Windows 10 upgrade

Google partners with M-Lab to build an internet speed test

Gartner predicts “cloud-first” will become “cloud-only” policies by 2020

Topic: Mentorship

  • Why is mentorship important for IT engineers?
  • Who to mentor and who to be mentored by?
  • How can one benefit from being mentored?
  • How can one benefit from mentoring somebody else?
  • Group mentoring, forums, and other non-1:1 types
  • Tips for a mentor
  • Tips for a protégé

Other Links

Excellent mentorship blog post by Ethan Banks from PacketPushers

Never10: The Windows 10 upgrade killer written by Steve Gibson of GRC

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