Episode 10: Cutovers

Ep10We’ve returned from our hiatus to discuss Cutovers along with the subpoena of an Amazon Echo, free music vs net neutrality, and false alarm Facebook alerts.

Newsy News

Amazon Echo recordings being subpoenaed in murder case

Free is illegal: Do “Zero-rated” services damage net-neutrality?

Facebook “Safety Check” activated by outdated news articles

Topic: Mentorship

  • What is a cutover?
  • When do cutovers typically happen and why do they happen at those times?
  • How to prepare for a cutover
    • Contact sheet (list of personnel involved and contact info)
    • Change plan
      • List of all equipment/devices being modified
      • Backdoor access information
      • Step by step changes followed by verification steps
      • Notes about each step and its purpose
      • Break up changes into independent phases to avoid complete rollback
    • Documentation and diagrams
    • Contingency/rollback plans

Other Links

Trailer for the movie “Passengers”

Trailer for the movie “Star Wars: Rogue One”

Kelly Slater Surfing with a Table

1 thought on “Episode 10: Cutovers”

  1. Thank you for producing this podcast. You all do an excellent job, and I definitely missed you during your hiatus.

    I participated in my first cutover migration several months ago (old datacenter to new datacenter), which went pretty smoothly for the most part, and it was due to many of the things you mentioned in this podcast. As I listened, I had sort of a mental check-list going, saying “Yep, we did that. We did that too.” There were also several tips that I took away from this for the future.

    I really enjoy listening to you guys, and I hope you continue to produce episodes. Thank you.

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