Episode 5: Troubleshooting


The trio is back to talk about troubleshooting, how much fun it can be, and how to approach it, but first they share their widely respected opinions *scoff* about the ‘Race for the Container Space’, using DNA as your tier-4 storage media, and the promise of autonomous taxis.

Newsy News

Microsoft, Cisco, HPE love Mesosphere while VMWare and Pivotal are promising that a container platform is in the works

Microsoft making progress in the field of DNA-based data storage

GM and Lyft promise us self-driving taxis by the end of this year

Topic: Troubleshooting

  • What is troubleshooting?
  • Methodologies of troubleshooting
  • Choosing between the ‘fix’ and the ‘forensics’
  • Root Cause Analyses and their difficulties after the fact

Other Links

If you have been in a service desk role, you need to watch The Website is Down

@dpocoroba’s troubleshooting article on PacketPushers


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